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Health and Orthotics

Just as there are many ways of killing a rat, there are various ways of staying healthy. Orthotics is no longer a new term in the health sector as orthoses are used in both preventive and curative treatment. Orthotics is simply a service that provides orthoses such as wrist braces, back support, and most importantly, shoes and insoles which we specialize in here at our company.

Ailing feet

Feet pain, though not given the importance it deserves, can be an unbearable immobilizer of an active human being that gets in the way of your house chores and social life. Be it at the ball of your foot (metatarsalgia), heel spurs, flat feet or plantar fasciitis, it is pain all the same. The pain may be;

 . Chronic irritation of part of the foot

 . An aching sensation

 . Unbearable shoot pains

 .Tingling and numbness of the foot.

None of the above is trivial when compared to the other. Plantar fasciitis being a common orthopaedic condition is given attention equal to its gravity by orthotists in this company.

We do believe that the fact that one is an athlete, spends long hours on their feet, or happens to have tight calf muscles, does not automatically condemn them to plantar fasciitis. It might come as quite a shock that in severe cases, plantar fasciitis may become incurable, but why wait till it gets that serious or better yet, why get infected in the first place when you can prevent it.

Red light

To prevent the situation from getting worse, morning heel pain associated with the very first steps when one wakes up are a symptom of this disease and should be reported to a medical practitioner for certainty.

We have the help you need

When you hear of orthoses, they are simply foot inserts or insoles, which are custom made for treatment and prevention of various foot ailments such as plantar fascia. These devices are placed inside the shoe to restore the biomechanic balance of your legs and realign your posture. Foot soles are available in any store and all one needs to get a pair is to specify the size they want and pay for it, which does not apply to orthoses. These medically designed in soles are custom made to suit ones foot condition and are only purchased on a doctors prescription. Though available in chemists, they should not be used as over the counter remedies prescribed by ones personal medical prowess for they may end up doing harm instead of the intended good desired by the ailing foot.

We are here as company to look after your feet just as the name suggests. Our pride is in taking you from a painful limp to a swift walk. We offer you nothing but the best that you deserve from our team of orthotists, devices and orthotics at a pocket friendly cost. Patient confidentiality and privacy is something we hold with high esteem and so you can be rest assured that your personal data is safe with us. Walk in today and walk out impressed.

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Happy Client

Seek our help for your feet and you will never be sorry.

I never imagined that my weight would cause me heel pain. With the stigma that comes with weight issues I remained mute in my misery till I knew 'Look after your feet'. The in soles that were prescribed for me worked wonders and now am back on my feet.
Taylor Whitefields
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Happy Client

 Until I sprained my ankle I never appreciated that  part of my foot. I had to take a back seat every sports session and let my colleague take over the coaching. With the orthoses I got from 'Look after your feet', my ankle healed. Am back on the pitch.
David Thompson